Galaxy eSports

Using Our Maps

If you are looking to select one or more of our maps for your StarCraft II tournament or event, there is some key information about our map support that you might find unique to Galaxy eSports. Please make use of this information to ensure you have a smooth event.

Official Map Pool

Galaxy eSports has an official map pool that we actively support and update to ensure a premier gaming experience. The primary feature we offer for these maps is the existence of only a single version across all regions. This means there is no confusion for participants in your event about "which version" of a map they should be using. We do this to avoid map fragmentation.

What is map fragmentation?

Map fragmentation is a common problem with StarCraft II maps, where we'll often see multiple versions of the same map published to under varying names, each with variations that affect the map significantly. Examples include base resources changed (half resources, standard vs. rich minerals, etc.), terrain altered, map features such as Xel'Naga Watchtowers modified, and so forth.

This kind of map fragmentation is confusing for both players and spectators alike, as the play and viewing experience of a specific map can vary from tournament to tournament. This can also negatively impact the practice regimen of professional players participating in multiple tournaments and events.

Handling balance issues

At Galaxy eSports, we are constantly balance testing our maps with partnered teams and clans to catch possible balance issues before they ever get off the ground. However, sometimes the ever-creative professional players discover a new, powerful strategy to make use of in tournaments. It happens, but tournaments expect and deserve a prompt solution should a serious balance issue arise.

One of the reasons why tournaments want their own versions of maps is to address these perceived balance issues with a map they might otherwise want to use in their events, if it's within their power to do so. It is also these tournament-centric modifications that cause map fragmentation.

Instead of expecting tournament and event organizers to do such map development grunt work, we also want to address map-related issues as immediately as possible. For that reason, we work with tournament organizations to actively maintain our maps in these situations. Professional players and event organizers are always encouraged to contact us to provide any necessary feedback on the maps in our official pool.

Finding our maps on

All of our actively supported maps will be published as Galaxy - Map Name. You should be able to locate our maps by searching for either "Galaxy" or the map name itself in the Custom Games section of the client.

What happens when a map is no longer supported?

In the event that we retire a map from our official map pool, the map will be unlocked for anyone to download and alter in the StarCraft II Editor. Should events wish to continue using or modifying a retired map, they are more than welcome to. However, Galaxy eSports is no longer responsible for maintaining a retired map, and players may see multiple different versions of these maps published on