Boiling Point – WIP

I’ve been working on this very small, aggressive map with a short rush distance the last few nights. How will it play? Comment and let us know.

You have three options for your third – the forward, extremely open base, the 10/4 o’clock base, and the 7/1 o’clock base. Though the 7/1 o’clock base is farther than the other two bases by ground, it is close by air, helps against drops coming into the main, and is easier to defend against ground-only attacks. You can actually destroy the rock tower from the safety of your natural (ranged AND melee units can attack it).

Some units can be very effective at defending this choke.. also from the safety of your nat.

The natural and the linear third are both harassable from the lowground. Rather than making something that could consistently be abused, I tried to make it a risk/reward thing: you can harass from there but your army might get trapped.

One other note: the 4 drop pods on the map are unpathable and serve as overlord spots/space dividers (they will have doodads on them before release).

Try the map out if you’re bored – it’s published on all regions as “Boiling Point test

Ethan "Fatam" Balch is a Protoss player and map developer for Galaxy eSports.

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